We believe beautiful sleep is the secret to a beautiful life.


Getting better sleep is proven to have significant benefits to your mental health, physical health, happiness, cognitive performance, energy levels, and more. The list of benefits is constantly growing as scientists uncover the mystery of what happens when we sleep.


RestCycle gathers and shares the latest tips and research in sleep and health and offers free resources to help you in your self-improvement journey. Our goal is to help as many people as possible wake up to the power of sleep and learn how to use it to live happier, healthier, more successful lives.


RestCycle is proudly published by Beautyrest Canada. For over 125 years, Beautyrest has been tirelessly committed to providing Canadians the best sleep possible, because we know that when you sleep better, you do everything better.


Now more than ever, Canadians are tired. We’re constantly wired, always connected, leading busier, and faster lives; meanwhile, research is proving just how important rest is for our health and happiness.  It’s time Canadians wake up to the power of sleep. With RestCycle, our goal is to help you along the way.


Join the RestCycle better sleep movement.  Wake up a beautiful you.

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While we are passionate about all things sleep and vitality, we are not medical professionals. Our recommendations are based on existing literature and recent news. When it comes to your health, please always speak to your doctor for recommendations unique to you.

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